The advantages of planting three-dimensional puzzles

- Sep 25, 2017-

The advantages of planting three-dimensional puzzles

At present, planting three-dimensional puzzle is a lot of parents like to choose the toys for the children, the reason why so popular, mainly due to planting three-dimensional puzzle has the following advantages:

1, knowledge: hands and brain, the development of intelligence, a sense of geometric space, the child's intellectual development is helpful

2, environmental protection: relative to other materials, pulp raw materials can be reused, with more environmentally friendly properties, and other seeds, nutrient soil and other accessories are environmentally friendly materials!

3, interesting: planting three-dimensional puzzle image vivid, product meaning are drawn from the children interested in things, let the children happy.

4, safety: in young children, paper + foam This material is not easy to hurt, not easy to cut the advantages, and planting three-dimensional puzzle material health and safety, from the material characteristics are already non-toxic toys

5, to promote the development of the child's vision: bright colors, a variety of patterns, can effectively attract the child's eye, the child playing this toy will be attentively staring at the puzzle to think, so to promote the development of children's vision.

6. increase the feelings between parents and children: Mom and Dad and the children together to the puzzle, a good family together to form a "farm", after the end of the fight, with the seeds of seed, witness the growth of seeds, experience the fun of planting, each other A communication space, enhance the feelings between family members!