How to identify 3D stereo puzzle quality is good or bad?

- Sep 25, 2017-

How to identify 3D stereo puzzle quality is good or bad?

Now the market to do the puzzle there are many large and small three-dimensional puzzle manufacturers, each manufacturer to do the product quality is not the same, the following we identify different quality of the three-dimensional puzzle Oh!

1. The most commonly used method of identification: the just bought three-dimensional puzzle, quickly plug the plug. And then all then removed, then, and then the second reload! Now those poor quality products, must be folded off. Fight not up! This product is a defective product! If you can complete a good plug, then this product, it belongs to a superior product!

2. The following can see the color and smell the smell to identify the product is good or bad: poor quality products. Just open the packaging there is an unpleasant pungent smell, this smell is toxic, there is to see the color of the three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, color distortion! This is a defective! And our excellent product of the product, open colorless and tasteless, full color, spell out the effect is very nice!

So we choose the product when not for a few cents to petty profits, and give up a good product! Our uniform slogan is to buy three-dimensional puzzles, do not buy bad, just buy right!